Blue Ocean Coaching®

Coaching is a powerful way to achieve the best in our personal and professional lives. It is a two-way process where the coach listens and asks insightful questions to enable clients to realise their full potential, whether the focus is on their personal life or career ambitions. It is also one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to develop people in business and to sustain positive behavioural changes initiated by training.

Benefits of coaching

The benefits of coaching are enormous. A coach will be a sounding board in a totally non-judgmental and confidential environment.
Coaching can support you to fulfil your potential, unblock barriers, and create clarity around situations that may be challenging you.
Coaching will help you to define the goal that you really want and to find clarity in situations that are causing you concern.
Rediscover your motivation and confidence as you strive towards your goals.
Coaching can improve relationships with your friends, family and colleagues.
All this leads to making you more effective in taking action, achieving better results and reaching your goals.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies three areas that give it its name:
Neurology – The mind an how we think
Linguistics – How we use language and how it effects us
Programming – How we sequence our actions to achieve our goals

In short, NLP is about thoughts, words and actions – all essential aspects to consider in any coaching session or programme.

Benefits of NLP

NLP is very effective at bringing about change and self-development once you are clear about what it is that you want to change.
NLP can support many areas of your life, for example: having more confidence; managing your response to certain situations; finding out how your beliefs impact on your decision making; and managing your phobic responses to things that you do not like.

Both coaching and NLP are exceptionally powerful. Bring them together and you have a winning combination. Our highly effective Blue Ocean Coaching® model is a unique blend of traditional coaching approaches and NLP – the science of success and personal effectiveness.

Our aim is to help our clients reach their goals both in their personal lives (Life Coaching) and professional lives (Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Career Coaching).

So, whether you are looking to grow your business, achieve a certain personal goal or need us to work with your staff, we can help.

Rates & Packages

It is important to us that you receive exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, we offer FREE initial consultation, with no obligation, to discuss your specific needs and how Blue Ocean Coaching® can help you.
We offer tailored packages of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sessions to suit you. There is a 10% discount for booking six or more sessions and for returning clients.
Our coaching sessions are carried out either face to face or by telephone/Skype depending on your preferences and location.
Please note that coaching sessions which use New Code NLP can only be delivered face to face.

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