Breakthrough Skills Programme ™ for Women

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) recently published an analysis of the 2016 National Management Salary Survey. It revealed that men are 40% more likely than women to have been promoted into senior and higher paying management roles in the past year, with no progress made on reducing the 23% gender pay gap.

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Fawcett, the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights, pointed at four big causes of the gender pay gap:

Discrimination: It’s illegal, but some women are still paid less than men for the same work – this can happen when a man and a woman are doing exactly the same role and receiving different pay, or where work of equivalent value carried out by women is underpaid.

Unequal caring responsibilities: Women continue to play a greater role in caring for children, as well as for sick or elderly relatives. As a result more women work part time, and these jobs are typically lower paid with fewer progression opportunities.

A divided labour market: Women are still more likely to be in low paid and low skilled jobs, affecting labour market segregation. 80% of those working in the low paid care and leisure sector are women, while only 10% of those in the better paid skilled trades are women.

Men in the most senior roles: Men continue to make up the majority of those in the highest paid and most senior roles – for example, there are just five female Chief Executives in the FTSE 100.

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At L&M Plus Consulting, we decided to launch a Breakthrough Skills Programme™ for Women to help them gain knowledge and skills that will build up their confidence, improve their competitiveness on the labour market and stimulate their career progression and personal development.

The programme comprises a series of full-day workshops, half-day workshops and 2hr master classes and will be delivered in partnership with Astrid Davies Consulting Ltd.

This unique training programme covers the following topics:

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This programme offers a wonderful variety of skills that every business woman can benefit from to grow, or to refresh skills and talents.’
Gilli Coston, Vice President at Carrier & Partner Marketing of KORE Wireless Group, and one of the top 30 most influential women in business according to Insights Success Magazine

This programme will help you to unlock your potential and support you through everyday business challenges. Women can do everything as good as men while wearing high heals and walking backwards. The Breakthrough Skills Programme™ for Women would be the best possible choice to support you on your way to the top.’
Sanja Pesic, CEO of Alma Quattro, OOH Industry Leader in the Balkan region