Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™

Our unique 5-module programme Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ is accredited by The Institute of Leadership & Management, one of the most prestigious leadership authorities world-wide.

This means that our training programme has been independently verified and meets the evidence-based standards of 5 Values and Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration.

Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ programme is designed to equip leaders and managers with neuroscience-backed knowledge and skills essential for the effective management of the people side of organisational change programmes and initiatives, leading to increased productivity, reduced resistance to change and turnover of valued employees.

The programme consists of 5 modules:

Module 1 – Understanding change and change management              

Module 2 – Implementing change

Module 3 – Creating awareness and commitment to change

Module 4 – How we, as individuals, deal with change

Module 5 – Optimising the work of teams during change

Certification is awarded on completion of the full training programme and is issued by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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“The programme has been recognised as supporting improved leadership practice and the programme content, learning materials and approaches have been assessed to be current, relevant and of a high quality, supporting and attracting the diverse needs of learners. The programme has been recognised as a pathway grading to Member with The Institute of Leadership & Management on completion, providing learners with professional recognition related to their leadership learning and an ongoing commitment to continue to develop as effective leaders and to inspire others to achieve excellence.”
The Institute of Leadership & Management
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