Our Managing Director

Performance Management and Service Improvement
“I found the meeting and the process you developed to monitor future performance and quality very useful and indeed essential to ensure we deliver effectively and understand the synergy between the various Directorate service areas. It was a great piece of work and I thank you and all your team for your hard work and presentation skills which helped us through a complex subject.”
Cllr Dawn Cousins, Isle of Wight Council

“Zoryna is a dedicated professional who brings creativity to problem solving and has demonstrated strong partnership relationship building skills in delivering service improvements.”
Rob Polkinghorne, Deputy Director of Performance and Planning, West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group

“I worked with Zoryna at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on countless projects to promote the council’s community safety work. … She is a strategic leader who involves her team and manages partnerships to maximise results and achieve the corporate aims.”
Katie Marlow, Director and Communication Consultant at Little Bird Communication Ltd

“The whole balance score card approach is a really good way of tying the whole performance and risk elements of the directorate together. It provides a good platform for explaining the performance in terms of how the services are operating and improving and the outcomes this delivers rather than going through the motions of just monitoring actual measures.”
DD, Local Authority

“I think the balanced scorecard approach is the way to go. For us in Learning and Development to be round the table with Service teams hearing the issues and being able to feed this knowledge into commissioning is going to be invaluable.”
ST, Local Authority

Local co-ordination of the Troubled Families Programme
“As a Partnership Manager for DWP Jobcentre Plus on the Isle of Wight I have worked with Zoryna O’Donnell on the Strengthening Families Programme (Troubled Families). As the coordinator for the Island, Zoryna has successfully implemented the programme from the start ensuring that the original vision has been consistent throughout. She has drawn in a wide number of partners & organisations and included us in the day to day running and the decision making processes of the programme. This has ensured the effective delivery of the programmes objectives and the improvement of performance across the programme.”
Kerrie Honey, Partnership Manager, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

“We are so grateful to you for all your hard work on the programme, it’s fantastic that you’ve managed to get the Isle of Wight into such a strong position with the first programme now fully delivered and strong foundations established for the new phase.”
Catherine Turner, Troubled Families Team, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

International co-operation
“We came to know Zoryna as an utmost qualified and professional specialist in most various aspects of social and youth policies and legislation. She has a brilliant knowledge about the 3rd sector, education and social system of Ukraine. … She is a well known and accepted expert in general matters of the Third Sector (non-profit associations, charities). Her counselling experience in this field comprises general issues of registration, taxation, NGO legislation, economic activities in the 3rd sector, qualification of NGO staff and selection of NGO experts.
… Zoryna proved a splendid ability to motivate and lead the team of consultants and experts of all projects as a C.E.O.
… We can without any reservations recommend co-operation with Zoryna in all the fields of activity and all roles experienced in our co-operation. We will be glad to make use of her services and knowledge in the future.”
Dr Heimo Schopflin, euroCom e.V.

Policy and Strategy
“Zoryna played a very considerable role in what was to be a period of great success for the service, leading on both operational and strategic initiatives including the Community Safety Strategy, establishing an award winning community warden scheme, anti social behaviour work and attracting external funding to support community safety initiatives.
…Zoryna played a crucial role in delivery of a range of significant corporate initiatives and successes that have enabled this council to operate at the very highest levels of customer and partner organisation satisfaction together with significant peer group recognition. This involvement has included leading the team to develop and implement several critical policies and strategies including a corporate alignment process to help all business units to focus activity on meeting the Community Strategy and Council Plan priorities; development and implementation of the Council’s Equality and Diversity Strategy and policies and a new Partnership Framework for the Borough.”
Glyn Williams, Head of Policy and Partnerships, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC)


Programme and Project Management course
“Good all round course, well delivered + will use when I get back to office.”
TG, Local Authority

Masterclass in Project Scheduling (Work Breakdown Structure and Critical Path)
“Found it very useful and would be very interested in any further workshops on project planning and managing.”
AW, Local Authority

Masterclass in Outcome Planning: The Sausage Machine Model™
“The Sausage Machine Model™ analogy meant I understood the concept + was able to apply elsewhere. Very enjoyable session.”
MS, Local Authority

“It really underlined the need to focus on specific outcomes at the onset of a project.”
LC, Local Authority


“Coaching with Zoryna has had an extremely positive impact on me. I will continue to review my goals and will put new steps in place to achieve them!” (JP)

“This has been a very valuable experience.I have had nine sessions which have helped me to focus on my priorities both personally and professionally. Also, to look at how to take these forward. Zoryna helped me to identify the solutions myself and the sessions have been very motivational. Overall and reflecting back on the six months, I can see what has been achieved in terms of my goals. I am in a much better place going into the New Year, more certain of where I want to be. Thank you very much!” (DM)

“I would like to thank you for… giving me faith in myself. The last three years have been a turning point for me and part of that is attributable to you”. (EM)

“I cannot overstate the positive contribution that you have made to my life.” (JW)

“Thank you so much for all your help. Support, guidance and coaching, both professionally and personally.” (SS)

‘Incredible! I have gone from being what I perceived to be an insignificant and ineffective person to a confident, self-assured and fully prepared member of my team’. (CF)