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We deliver a wide range of high impact training events which include comprehensive leadership and management development programmes, stand-alone workshops and master classes. We deliver our training events face-to-face, online or as a combination of both approaches, depending on the circumstances and requirements of our clients.

Our Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme and Breakthrough Leadership Development Programme™ are accredited by The Institute of Leadership as one of the most prestigious leadership authorities world-wide.

This means that both programmes have been independently verified and meet the evidence-based standards of their 5 Dimensions of Leadership.

Our learners now have an option to receive a certificate on completion of these programmes from The Institute of Leadership and to join The Institute of Leadership at a Member level/grade with post-nominal letters MIoL.

You can find more information about these programmes and learner benefits here:

Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme

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Breakthrough Leadership Development Programme™

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We also have a unique modular-based training programme Masterclasses in Leadership and Business Administration (MLBA™) which is designed for middle managers whose specific training needs can be often overlooked.

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MLBA Contents

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L&M Plus Consulting is a Licensed Reseller of New Code Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® one-day certification programme.

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Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is a personal development framework which helps individuals and groups grow their skills and competences.  Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® was developed by Nick Drake-Knight, an internationally acclaimed coach, motivational speaker and author. It has proved to be remarkably effective and is now used as the preferred people development model in a diverse range of environments including business, education establishments, healthcare operations and family contexts. Its success lies in its positivity and speed of application and results.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is delivered to commercial, public and third sector organisations. It is now used worldwide by many global brands to drive up performance quickly and by thousands of people-change professionals as their preferred fast coaching method.

New Code Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is the latest development of this powerful coaching method.

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You can also learn Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® online. Please visit the website of our partner The Motivation Agency to find out more about this option:

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We also offer an Introduction to Motivational Interviewing training which can be delivered face-to-face and online.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) was originally developed by Miller and Rollnick with the aim of helping people to change. In recent years, MI has become increasingly popular in social work with children and adults because its values and theory are consistent with core elements of social work and it provides new ways of understanding some of the key challenges.

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There is no doubt that the future of work is hybrid. Prior to the pandemic, very few organisations offered remote working, with just 5% of the workforce in the UK working remotely. Now, 63% of employers are expected to offer some form of hybrid working to employees. Many organisations are now considering what ‘hybrid’ means for them, how they might meet this new employee demand, and what will need to be in place in order for these new ways of working to be effective.

Our 3-hour interactive online training sessions on Hybrid Working will:

Equip employees with insights from neuroscience, psychology and behaviour science to help them thrive in the hybrid workplace;

Equip managers and team leaders with key knowledge, insights and tips to help them manage and support employees and build team understanding in new ways. It will help them create practices that ensure employees in the office are in sync with those working from home, and also build fairness and flexibility into the workflow.

Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace
Hybrid Working for Managers

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What our clients say

“Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme: A very useful course that came at the right time for me and my team during a challenging time of organisational change. Working through this course with Zoryna helped me to gain a lot insight and perspective on the problems we've been facing, and has helped to bring a greater sense of calm into the team. Zoryna used many real-life examples from her own experience which also helped to put theory into context. Understanding the neuroscience behind behaviour is fascinating. Highly recommended.”

Gwen Burchell MBE, United Aid for Azerbaijan

“Thank you for the fabulous Motivational Interviewing training this week.
Myself and my team found it really beneficial and it has definitely given us more strategies and tools to use when working with the families we support and with each other.”  


“Zoryna is a deep repository of knowledge but her talent truly is in helping others manage that knowledge, and connect the dots towards a useful strategy.”


“That session was brilliant, thank you so much. I have had various training on managing conflict/having difficult conversations and this by far was the most valuable. Actually understanding the 'why', the different types of people and to be given practical strategies on how to manage each of the different groups of people - so useful. Thank you.”


“I am learning so much about myself on this course so far and we are only two sessions in. I really think the moaners are under estimated. Once you take out your own personal feelings and know it’s not a personal attack on you, it really does change the dynamics. I learnt that the hard way. Looking forward to our next session with you.”


“Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is a really useful method for improving people's aspirations and making positive changes to their lives. I will keep this in my 'tool box' and use in my work every day.”  


“It really was an insightful session today and one I will carry with me moving forward in my leadership journey!”


“I loved today’s session: exploring strategies of moving from conflict to resolution; being aware of the emotional charge during change management; dealing with colleagues who oppose change. I found the ‘socio-dynamic theory’ super interesting (I want to explore this!) Thank you for today’s session Zoryna O'Donnell - it was super insightful and there is lots I’ve taken away to reflect on!”


“Thought provoking and challenging, the courses I attended were without exception well presented, fun but demanding. The subject matter of every course was covered brilliantly and peppered with unexpected twists, anecdotes and challenges.”


“I just wanted to message and say thank you for the fabulous MI training this week. Myself and my team found it really beneficial and it has definitely given us more strategies and tools to use when working with our families and each other.”