Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme

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The Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme is designed to equip leaders and managers with neuroscience-backed knowledge and skills essential for the effective management of the people side of organisational change programmes and initiatives, leading to increased productivity, reduced resistance to change and turnover of valued employees.

This programme has been accredited by The Institute of Leadership & Management, one of the most prestigious leadership authorities world-wide. Completion of the Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ programme will allow you join The Institute of Leadership & Management at a member grade with post-nominal letters MInstLM.

Length of the programme:
5 modules x 2 hours of taught time plus approximately 2 hours of self-study time.

Module 1

Understanding change and change management:
Change models
- Success/failure factors in change management.

Module 2

Implementing change:
- Bringing vision and strategy to life.
- Decision making during change.
- Organisational change and organisational justice.

Module 3

Creating awareness and commitment to change:
- Stakeholder engagement and management.
- Communication and storytelling.

Module 4

How we, as individuals, deal with change:
- Why our brains don't like change.
- Dealing with emotions during change.
- Performing at our best during change.

Module 5

Optimising the work of teams during change:
- Team building approaches and techniques.
- Problem-solving in small groups/teams: team members as agents of change.

Certification is awarded on completion of the full formal training programme and is issued by The Institute of Leadership & Management.

Learner benefits covered by the programme fee:
Following the payment of the programme fee, you will receive access to a suite of leadership and management resources based on the institute’s multi-award winning online learning portal, MyLeadership:        
- 5 Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership, Collaboration.
- 49 Leadership Essentials giving an overview of each topic.
- 70+ Spotlights, drilling deeper into each topic.
- Over 15 learning resources for each component.
- 189 topic based, half hour webinars and short videos.
- Scorecard assessments to confirm your knowledge.
- E-badges to mark success.
- Weekly newsletter, Trending, helping to keep your finger on the pulse.
- Digital copies of EDGE journal.
- Diagnostic tool: MyLeadership Profile.
- Worksheets on each topic, for group discussion and personal reflection.
- My Learning Record, logging CPD and webinars attended.
- Digital Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of the programme.
- Automatic route to professional membership with post-nominal letters & digital credential to share on social media.

The Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme will be delivered remotely (online).

Zoryna O'Donnell, MBA, FInstLM

profile image of Zoryna O'Donnell

Zoryna is an experienced coach and trainer. She is an alumna of The Neuroscience Academy, a Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), a Trainer of NLP (Classic Code and New Code). She is also a tutor and coach at the Academy of Women's Leadership, a mentor of the Warwick Business School Global Mentoring Programme. In 2020-2021, she was also a Resilience Coach of the UK National Coaching and Mentoring Support Programme designed to support those leading the response to the COVID 19 pandemic across local government, specifically aimed at chief executives, directors and professional leads.

Enrol in this programme for £660 view in the shop

Optional extras not covered by the programme fee


The GC Index® Profile - is a strengths-based online “organimetric” assessment tool that measures and describes five proclivities i.e. five different ways in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution and identifies how individuals can make the most valuable contribution to their organisations. This tool helps people lead with confidence and collaborate more effectively with their fellow leaders and colleagues. The GC Index® Profile aligns collective efforts, helps to accelerate performance and enhances collaboration and accountability.

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The Change Maker Profile™ (GC Index® product) – an “organimetric” used to measure the way people prefer to make their impact during periods of change.

Price: £220 view in our shop

DISC Profile - a personality assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, communication, management capability and leadership effectiveness. For individuals, DISC brings a level of self-awareness that can support their personal and career development.

Price: £120 view in our shop

Performance Leader Identifier (PLI) Assessment - the PLI tool assesses behaviours across a full range of factors from emotional intelligence to strategic focus.  Importantly, leadership factors such as influencing stakeholders, communicating a compelling vision, strategic thinking, resolving complexity, being decisive and taking calculated risks are also assessed by the model.

Price: £180 view in our shop

Sova assessment - a psychometric testing and personality profiling tool which is used in recruitment, professional development and coaching.​ ​It will increase your self-awareness and confidence by giving you valuable insights into your potential which you can use to focus on identified development areas and to achieve your career goals.

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Coaching and mentoring:

Coaching session (60 minutes) Price: £240 view in our shop

Mentoring session (60 minutes) Price: £150 view in our shop